Surf are Pattaya's Best Home Internet Service Supplier for Fiber Broadband

SBN is a leading ISP locally operating in Pattaya to bring to the local community Surf Internet, a cheap yet high-quality and reliable broadband solution. Be online wherever and whenever.
Connect. Surf. Enjoy
We’ve invested in the best network infrastructure to give our customers like you an incredible internet experience—no downtimes, only continuous service.
Your locally owned hometown gigabit internet service provider for Business and Residential.


Download up to 1Gbps

Blazing fast speed, allowing you to enjoy a seamless online experience, whether streaming television or playing game.


Quick Connection to the World

Direct transit links to the international gateway, allowing smooth accessing to cloud applications and remote servers.


24/7 Customer Support

Friendly support. We use real people to answer your phone. Always on connectivity and quality of service monitored by our network engineering team. Problems identified fast and fixed right away.

Our Broadband Internet Service Area in Pattaya

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We take care of your digital needs

Since 2007, Sophon Broadband Networks (SBN) has been your locally owned hometown internet service provider for Business and Residential.

SBN was founded in 2007 in Pattaya with the vision of providing fast, secure internet while maintaining quality customer service. From startups to enterprises, SBN connects companies and homes with the broadband to power their business and life. In taking the hassle of managing these systems out of the workplace and bringing it under our team of technology experts in a secured data center, SBN delivers a local alternative to businesses. We focus on increasing efficiency, reducing the cost of operations, while providing a personal touch through our small team.

Connect Online as Surf Internet Intended

Our operation is founded on speed, convenience, and quality.

We strongly believe that people in Pattaya must have internet access, the fastest and most dependable that technology allows. This is why Surf Internet offers you download speeds of up to 1Gbps, with an unlimited monthly data allowance, depending on the plan you choose.

Sign up is easy, and you can try Surf Internet for a week to test out its capabilities. We guarantee the best performance, or we’ll give all your money back.

With no annual contract, you can easily opt-out of our service at any time. This gives you the level of freedom and flexibility that other ISPs don’t. We’re sure you won’t take this route, however.

Our team of engineers constantly monitors the operation to ensure service is maintained at high standards.

With Surf Internet, broadband is more than just internet connectivity. It’s an experience.


We’re a local Pattaya company, which means we’re with you every step of the way. We’re your neighbors and care about providing you with excellent service. With internet speeds from 10 to 1,000 Mbps, you get to choose the package that’s right for you, and we are frequently able to offer same or next day installation. We work with your schedule and together, are able to make ultra-fast internet at affordable prices a reality for residential customers like you.


We provide simple, fast, and secure drop-in replacements for your current services. With speeds up to 1,000 Mbps (1Gbps), we power your business with the fastest broadband internet available in town, all delivered by a friendly, Pattaya-based enterprise.

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Surf Internet for all

Whether you need a broadband internet connection for your home or business, Surf Internet provides you with ultra-fast internet that is easy on the budget.

Need your condo hooked up to the world wide web? We offer same or next-day installation. Businesses can take advantage of the same service and an option for fast and secure drop-in replacements for your existing broadband connection.

Benefits of SURF Internet are simply



Wi-Fi Hotspot


Super-Fast Speed


Easy to Set Up