Business Services

We are dedicated to the community of Pattaya and focused on providing businesses, pubs, and restaurants with the fastest Gigabit broadband Internet available. A local enterprise ourselves, we build business-dedicated Internet solutions that accelerate Internet connection speeds, helping you get things done faster and more efficiently.

We understand that you want to provide employees and customers with the best Internet available, but also want to maintain affordability and a simplistic maintenance model. That’s why our packages provide a low-cost and local alternative to many over-sized competitors. We also manage the network for you. By installing all equipment ourselves and monitoring your connection speeds consistently, our small team of tech experts ensure you, your employees and customers always have secure and dependable Internet.

We are focused on bringing Pattaya fast, affordable Gigabit Internet service that is locally sourced and designed with you in mind. Our business service packages are built to optimize connection speeds making your day-to-day operations run smoothly. We are here to help.


Business and Office Buildings

We offer customizable Internet and telephone services that provide high quality, secure access to a trusted, managed network at a fraction of the normal cost. We work with startups, small businesses and large enterprises offering a variety of packages tailored to fit your business needs best.


Restaurants and Pubs

Connectivity for a restaurant or pub is a two-fold endeavor. You need secure Internet and phone service to fuel your behind-the-counter business operations, but also high-speed and consistent WIFI connectivity for your patrons. We offer FREE PUBLIC WIFI hotspots for your facility as part of our service packages. We install, monitor and manage these hotspots for you at a minimal charge.



We are always eager to serve you the best we can. Flexible? yes!
Please write to us with specific requirements and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

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